Hong Kong’s got talent fools and they go under the moniker Parallel Horizons

Hong Kong’s got talent fools and they go under the moniker Parallel Horizons. The band is stacked with some of Hong Kong’s youngest blood who are fuelled by immense passion for their music (and some other shit that millennials are into like 9gag, memes, Halo, Dark Souls, and something called League of Legends – whatever the fuck that is). Their crazy ass drummer, Shaun, is frickin’ 19 dude…the kid has a wonderful career ahead. (Rumor has it when this song was actually created he was 18…) This particular track features the guitarist of Rings of Saturn – Lucas Mann – as well.

One of the hardest working bands in Hong Kong heavy music underworld, this is their first official full length that will be released by Hong Kong based label Nowed Records. The record is set to hit shelves sometime around October this year. The 11 tracks that make this debut record was mixed/mastered by Sebok Szabolcs.

Now go play this¬†shit loud and try to wrap your head around the immense technical know how these young’uns have…

The future is bright fools!


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