Hong Kong thrash metal band Charm Charm Chu release Fuck Off Cops

Charm Charm Chu

Hong Kong thrash metal band Charm Charm Chu release Fuck Off Cops (first taste of their upcoming EP which will be out in April). Much has said about Hong Kong political development over the past couple years especially with immense awareness of Occupy Central that took footage from the streets of Hong Kong and broadcast it all over the world. Many things came out from those glorious couple months of civil unrest in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, one of the darkest things to come out of it was the stark reality that our Hong Kong police force, once so highly regarded as holder’s of justice and politically NEUTRAL, will stoop as low as humanly possible in order to carry out orders from the masters above. (By “above” we certainly do not mean our stupid useless/hopeless/pathetic leaders of the Hong Kong government. If there ever was a textbook definition of “puppets of government” that would be those leading the Hong Kong government. The real “masters” of Hong Kong are the CCP up in Beijing.) The police openly colluding with triads, calling the underworld in to stir trouble amongst the youth of Hong Kong, to “show” the public what a nuisance the students are, has failed to move any person with half a brain and access to a smart phone who can record immediate video of bullshit the police carry out. Then when the police review the videos that are spread like wildfire all over social media, they’re left making the STUPIDEST excuses imaginable.

Like I said above. The Hong Kong Police Force has lost incredible position amongst Hong Kong people…I am SURE there are honorable members of the force who came in wanting to stand up for high morals and ethics. But these people seem to have vanished in recent times. So, until they return to take back the power and image of the police force and return it to its former glory…we scream these words loud and proud:


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