Hong Kong newspaper picks up our story about Lady Fast disruption!

lady fast

Hong Kong newspaper picked up our story about the Lady Fast fiasco! Wow! To us at this website, we grew up believing in the ethics behind the punk rock/hardcore movement, especially those about solidarity with the downtrodden. That’s why on this website besides the killer bands we have around Asia, we try our best to bring about some awareness to issues going on in our individual scenes so that the collective Asian scene knows what’s going on.

When we ran this story our hearts went out to the people involved in this ridiculous over-reaction by the ignorant self-righteous contingent who went in without any deeper understanding of how important the event was for female empowerment/movement. We ran the story so the patrons of this event knew they weren’t alone.

Today we found out that Hong Kong’s leading English language newspaper South China Morning Post ran the story! This is a first for us – but more than being ecstatic that someone ran our story, we are more ecstatic for the victims of the event because now their story is reaching an even wider audience!

Thank you to the journalist Adam Wright for running this!

Here’s the article:


Please make sure to go and support the organizers of Lady Fast – Kolektif Betina! They will be releasing a press release regarding what happened and the aftermath soon: https://www.facebook.com/betinakolektif/?fref=ts

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