Hong Kong metallic hardcore band Dagger debut music video about youth suicide in Hong Kong

Hong Kong metallic hardcore band Dagger have debuted a music video for the track All Hope is Gone off the band’s self-titled EP. The EP was released this past May of 2017 on digital format by the band themselves, and on limited edition cassette by Singapore label Dangerous Goods.

As is the case with the rest of the tracks on the EP, the band confronts socio-political issues found either within the city they reside in or certain issues facing people worldwide. This song in particular discusses the issue of youth suicide plaguing Hong Kong (lyrics can be found below). In February of this year within a span of 17 days a total of 5 young Hong Kong students chose to end their lives. Dagger themselves have members who are married with children, and/or work as teachers of very young children, so the issue of Hong Kong’s education system and how it’s failing the most vulnerable of our citizens (our children) hits very close to home.

The video ends with a list of Hong Kong hotline numbers to call in case you’re someone who feels they have nowhere to turn to. Those numbers are:

The Samaritans: 2896-0000
Suicide Prevention Services: 2382-0000
Youth Outreach: 9088-1023

The music video was shot by Hong Kong based videographer/photographer Mike Sakas. Upon hearing about the lyrical content Mike said “We were in the car listening to the EP before it was even finished being recorded: just guitars and drums. We started talking about the new tracks, the new direction, and what had influenced the band as they were writing. I asked the band to pick the track they would put a video to if they were going to do it and everyone picked the same track. When they started running through the lyrics against the music and talking about why the song was written, it was really obvious that it could make a powerful video. By the end of the ride we all knew it was an issue that needed some real exposure and that we were going to make the video. It was just going to happen.”

It is also the debut acting role of Shaun Apellido drummer of Hong Kong metalcore bands Parallel Horizons and Aether.

Directed, shot and edited by Mikel Sakas / Sakas Photo
Aerial footage: Daniel Kraebel
Actor: Shaun Apellido of Parallel Horizons https://www.facebook.com/ParallelHorizonsHK /Aether https://www.facebook.com/aetherhk/

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/daggerhk/
INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/daggerhongkong/

Buy the digital copy of the EP here: https://daggerhongkong.bandcamp.com/releases

Buy the physical copy released on limited edition cassette here:


Through Dangerous Goods here: http://dangerousgoods.bigcartel.com/

Dagger’s self-titled EP can also be found here:

All hope is gone
A life lost
All Hope is gone

got replaced
with ashes
of their remains

Ripped to shreds
No chance they would
live through this.

Mourn the
loss of
what could have been

Morn the
one choice
they had nothing.

Mourn the
loss of
what could have been

Mourn that
fucks were given

Do those tears help you sleep at night?
Tomorrow you’ll go on with your own life.

What will change now? Nothing.

Save those tears
No one cares here
Save those tears
We see it clear

A life lost
All hope is gone.

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