Hong Kong metallic hardcore band Dagger announce debut EP released by Dangerous Goods

Hong Kong metallic hardcore band Dagger have announced their debut self-titled EP will be released on Dangerous Goods (Singapore) on July 1. The band formed earlier this year featuring members of Hong Kong hardcore bands: King Ly Chee, Yau Dong and Fight Club. (The band also features the founder of the website UniteAsia.org.) The band’s music heads down a different heavier sonic approach compared to the bands that the individual members may be better known for.

Dagger has recorded 6 tracks for their debut EP that is currently being mixed by Taylor Young of The Pit Studio. (Taylor also moonlights as the drummer of Nails/guitarist of Twitching Tongues, amongst many other things…)

About forming the band, bassist To (who also plays drums in both Yau Dong and Fight Club) had this to say:
“I had no choice. Our guitarist Riz sent me a message saying “You have to be in the band”. Now I’m stuck.”

Drummer Ivan said:
“Well…Zac Farro went back to Paramore so that door was closed…”

Vocalist James said:
“Who told you I can sing?”

About the collaboration with Dangerous Goods, Dagger took a bit more of a serious approach and had this to say:

“Dangerous Goods is an amazing Asian label with a stellar roster of Singaporean bands like Losing End, Radigals, Seasight, State of Pain, Hollow Threat, amongst others. For us to be the first band on the label from outside of Singapore is a great honor. Paulo is also someone steeped in the culture of hardcore and so to be working with him on this release has just been an absolute joy because he knows where we’re coming from.”

Paulo of Dangerous Goods added:

“Aside from being good friends and supporters of the label/distro, I remember the first time I heard the guitar parts to one of the songs they were working on and I thought, “Damn, this is gonna be good”. Riffs just hit me the right way and I just felt it’s right that I put it out on Dangerous Goods. Personally, as a fan, I can’t wait to hear it in it’s entirety. Stoked to be working on this project!”

The band will be streaming the EP online in a matter of weeks and then will celebrate the release of the EP at the first ever Unite Asia Showcase to be held on July 1st in Hong Kong where fellow Hong Kong bands Yau Dong, The Tracy Lords, Parallel Horizons, Bulletproof, Two Finger Salute will also be celebrating the release of their own records. Info about that show can be found at this link: https://uniteasia.org/uniteasia-org-announce-first-ever-unite-asia-showcase-held-hong-kong-july-1/

To keep up to date on Dagger hit up their social media pages:
Dagger facebook: https://www.facebook.com/daggerhk
Dagger instagram: https://www.instagram.com/daggerhongkong/

For more info on Dangerous Records hit up: https://www.facebook.com/pg/dangerousgoodsdistro

Photo credit: Mike Sakas https://www.instagram.com/sakasphoto.flow/

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