Hong Kong metal show canceled due to resident’s fear of poster art and band name

In what seems to only reinforce the downward spiralling trend of shows in Hong Kong, a highly anticipated local Hong Kong metal show that was to take place this Saturday was suddenly canceled yesterday. The underground metal community have been up in arms about the sudden cancelation, especially the pathetic reason that was given. The unfortunate promoters, who were very excited to host this show, received complaints from the landlord and local residents surrounding the venue complaining about the poster art and a band name “Cursed Eyes”. If you look at the poster art below and are finding it difficult to see what could possibly bother someone – it’s the skull. WHAT THE FUCK. For real? In 2018 people are still worried about seeing a skull? Even children walk around with skulls on their t-shirts all the time. Halloween is around the corner – what are you going to do when children are walking around dressed up as ghosts, devils and goblins? Cancel Halloween?

Not only has it been incredibly difficult to invite foreign bands to play in Hong Kong the past few years due to an unfortunate crackdown by the Immigration Department in Hong Kong who have actually begun checking that incoming bands have the proper paperwork (in the past this has NEVER been an issue – but starting around 2 years ago, things have drastically changed), we also have to deal with this dumbshit.

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