Hong Kong loves its metal, Aether release new track, inspire us to give you an HK metal recap

Hong Kong loves its metal.

Hong Kong progressive metalcore band Aether have released a playthrough video for an insane new single. Though the band has already been playing this live, recorded, it takes a whole new dimension.

There is so much to say about the technicality and execution of this track. But our favorite part about this track is that there is not a moment of a band trying to be more commercial OR trying to be more easily consumed by a mass audience. Simply put – the band keeps shit HEAVY.

There is something to say about those heavy bands that want to keep music extreme, heavy, underground, forward thinking, progressive without having to dumb down their music in order for a bigger fanbase – which usually means attracting people who otherwise wouldn’t be interested in metal or heavy music.

Who knows what Aether’s plan is going forward…but we hope they stay the course keeping brutality and heaviness as top priority. These dudes are young and hopefully will continue to be hungry. Hungry for what? Keeping heavy music legit in its heaviness.

We are firm believers that some types of music are just not made for everyone. Heavy music like metal, hardcore, etc was (and continues to be) an art form that was spawned in direct response to what was going on in the mainstream/commercial world. A direct fuck you to that world. Of course, as times change, that attitude certainly has also changed. More and more you see heavy bands becoming a bridge between the underground and the mainstream. It’s certainly a strange paradox that at first is quite difficult to accept. But we’re not fighting it because we understand that things change, music has its trends, things get their time in the limelight only to die in epic proportions because what they were hoping to happen in terms of size of fanbase by tapping into the mainstream world, never materialized. We all know that in the end, only the diehards will remain.

Further below are some more Hong Kong based bands that you should check out who are raising the level of the game here in Hong Kong by pushing boundaries – not just copying what is popular.

This is not an exhaustive list…there are just too many metal bands in Hong Kong! We are just picking out some of the MANY that are not playing the commercial/mainstream game.


Before Aether exploded onto the scene, members of the band rolled in (and continue to roll in) another progressive metalcore band Parallel Horizons who have only continued to improve what they do. This is a band that you should most definitely be watching.


Recently a band that has caught everyone by surprise is Unto The Dawn who after a long break came storming back with a hugely improved live show and a full length record. Their recorded material does not do their live show justice. The power in their live show is unmatched in their recorded material, though the jams are great. If this band is playing somewhere near you – go see them.


Brutal deathcore band Cryogenic Defilement are also going to be a force to be reckoned with. Check out this insane single from their upcoming full length. Madness…


Progressive metal band Synergy have released their debut full length and the last track on this thing RIPS. Instantly memorable and comes off MASSIVE in a live setting.


The intensity in death metal band Adversary‘s debut lyric video!? CRAZY!


How about some heart-wrenching depressive black metal? This fucking release by Dismal will floor you. Go ahead and listen to it, if your heart can take it.


More epic doom metal goodness? Check out Chimeras.


Last year there were a couple bands in the death/thrash territory who released some phenomenal music, one of them is the band INDenial. Check out their debut full length below.


Our boys in deathcore band Protoss haven’t released something new in awhile so we’re going to blast these old jams one more time! This band is hard working and passionate AF.


Deathcore act Human Betrayer take the win one of the most brutal names out of Hong Kong. How much tougher can you get then encompassing just how fucked we are as a species then the name Human Betrayer?! Great band live…


Thrash metal band Charm Charm Chu released a balls out EP last year.


New band on the block, Dagger, featuring members of King Ly Chee, FightxClub, Yau Dong came out swinging last year and have recently dropped a new single. Last year they released a 6 song EP five months after forming.


New boys on the block – Bones of Rakshasa – released a debut music video full of down-tuned metalcore madness.


This band SLAYS it live! Gotta check out Escharotic ASAP who just released an insane EP in 2017. This band needs to play live more often goddammit!


We’re down with demos! Melodic death metal band Cursed Eyes are a band to look out for!


We don’t actually know if this band is still active…though they have recently put some photos up on their facebook page…but they’re grind death metal madness is fucking phenomenal: Elysium.


There is no profound way to describe how important we think the following release and band is to Hong Kong. In our eyes, this is one of the most incredible releases coming out of our shores in many many years. Everything else fails in comparison. Karmacipher incorporates expertly executed use of sonic dissonance and ambient noise in their extreme heaviness creating a jarring experience for a casual listener. For us as fans of heavy music for over 30 years…this forward thinking music presented in such a fresh fashion, is exactly what we live for. The band’s debut release Necroracle is on CONSTANT repeat. CONSTANT.

We LOVE and are so PROUD of this band. Cannot wait to watch them live.


Bands on the “legendary” status in Hong Kong are the ones below.

Shepherds the Weak have been doing their thing for years now, wowing people with their music but especially their powerful live shows. They also have recently released a thrash metal masterpiece entitled Biformity.


The most highly anticipated full length to be released this year is no doubt Hong Kong black metal band Evocation. Holy fuck…we cannot wait to hear the full length. Enjoy some old jams below as you get ready for what will certainly be an epic adventure…


Doom metal band Hyponic have been around since 1996. With a revamped lineup, they recently released their own doom metal masterpiece 前行者 which is a must have for any true fan of heavy/extreme music from Hong Kong.


Hands down – the most important release of Hong Kong metal came from these ultimate of ultimate of legends – motherfucking Azylum. Go listen to this highly impactful record that was released in 1994. Azylum for life.

There are so many more pushing the boundaries of extreme music in Hong Kong! SO MANY! Keep it up…

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