Hong Kong Launches Streaming Music Festival – Tone Online Music Festival

This is huge news…

Like the entertainment industry all over the world who are struggling to survive or who have lost their jobs altogether, the many pillars of Hong Kong’s entertainment industry are also in a dire state. But Hong Kong is one of the world’s most resilient cities and will always find a way to get through the darkness. Since June of 2019, that’s all we’ve been doing. Keeping ourselves focused on the end goal providing ourselves with some glimmer of hope under the eternal darkness that hovers over our city. And no, we’re not talking about the Coronavirus, we’re talking about a virus that is even more sinister.

In order to help provide some hope and light to struggling bands, venues, audio/visual production companies, a bunch of these amazing people got together and created an online music festival called Tone Online Music Festival. They dropped this beautiful flyer below late last night and have taken Hong Kong over by storm. Once again, our creatives are showing you how shit gets done here. We want to be a self-reliant city, and we will continue to do that. 港人自救.

Tone Online Music Festival is an online streaming music program centered on local independent music in Hong Kong. It is jointly organized by several groups active in the local independent music industry, including This Town Needs, Zuk Studio, Detuned Radio Festival, Daymaker Creatives, OC2S Music, etc. This event aims to bring job opportunities to different areas in our industry. The hope of this event is that the general public of Hong Kong will become familiar with our independent music culture and see the value in it and thus, begin to pay attention and support it.

The online festival takes place on May 30 from 4pm til late and all ticketing info can be found below. You get to choose how much you want to pay to support this event! Keep in mind what we wrote above, many of the people who’ve organized this have no income right now. So be considerate about that.

◆ TickCats: https://tickcats.co/ticket/tone

This is where the show will take place:

◆ YouTube: Happy Kongner shorturl.at/cfuBU
◆ Facebook: This Town Needs www.facebook.com/thistownneeds
◆ Facebook: KKBOX (HK) www.facebook.com/KKBOXHK

The bands featured are the following and you can enjoy some of their music further below:

◆ Rubberband
◆ Serrini
◆ Matt Force
◆ Jan Curious & tombeats
◆ Life Was All Silence
◆ Stereo Is The Answer
◆ Gigi & Sabrina
◆ Rain In Time 及時雨
◆ BubbleVirus

For more info hit up: https://www.facebook.com/events/862208100940421/

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