Hong Kong indie-rock label Sweaty & Cramped send in massive update

Hong Kong indie-rock label Sweaty & Cramped have sent in a massive update regarding upcoming releases. It just shows how strong the indie-rock scene is in Hong Kong currently:

Sweaty & Cramped is teaming up with four local bands to produce four lathe-cut, 7 inch records.

The records will host material that are either previously unreleased (ie. new songs); or previously unprinted (ie. songs that were never printed on physical formats), each release is limited to 20-50 copies.

The records will be cut by Audio Geography Studios in the US, which is very experienced in producing small-run records.

The series will feature four releases:

1. Oh Nullah! – “Restitution”
– Side A: Last of My Mistakes
– Side B: Jaded Summer
– Release date: April 2017
– Genre: Punk
– Price: 100HKD

2. Stranded Whale – “Why Don’t You Be My Friend”
– Side A: Why Don’t You Be My Friend
– Side B: Dies In A Room
– Release date: June 2017
– Genre: Urban Folk

– Side A: Previously unreleased track
– Side B: Previously unreleased track
– Release date: Sept 2017
– Genre: Post-punk

4. Wellsaid – “EP”
– Side A: Narrow Pass
– Side B: I Guess Ian Is A Hypocrite
– Release date: Dec 2017
– Genre: Emo
The records can be purchased individually – via S&C’s online store or at local record stores.

We are planning a subscription programme – which allows people to subscribe to the series with a one-time payment.

They were even kind enough to send in some FAQ in case people get confused about what “lathe cuts” actually mean:

Q: Are these records vinyl?
A: Vinyl is a type of plastic. Similarly, the lathe-cuts will be produced on another type of high quality plastic (polycarbonate to be precise). So it is NOT vinyl, but it will play just like one.

Q: What is the audio quality like?
A: All releases will be produced in stereo, hi-fi audio quality. Which is to say, the quality is comparable to conventionally pressed vinyl records.

Q: Will these records be cut again in the future?
A: Nope. They will be one-off.

More info and videos below:



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