Hong Kong hardcore loses their mind this week releasing three music videos

Let’s be honest, Hong Kong is not necessarily considered the hotbed of hardcore happenings. The amount of hardcore bands that exist here can be counted all on one hand. That doesn’t mean there is any shortage of passion amongst the small collective of people who live and breathe this world.

But even what transpired this week is pretty unprecedented. For three days in a row, three Hong Kong hardcore bands have released music videos. What the hell? Is everyone smokin crack out here or what? Hahahaha…


Enjoy the videos in their entirety and appearing in chronological order:

Metallic Hardcore

Yau Dong

And then…today – the ultimate winner of all three music videos…Hong Kong band FightxClub really spent an enormous of time, money and sweat putting this video together. According to the band members this video took months to create and a few of them had to work over time to raise enough funds to put this together. We applaud their hard work and know full well you, the audience, will appreciate this video the most. 🙂



HKHC Lives.

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