The Homies in Hong Kong Hardcore Act THE PRICELESS BOAT Drop New Banger [Hong Kong]

Hong Kong hardcore band The Priceless Boat have dropped a brand new banger ‘賤骨頭’. The band harnesses their love for a more chaotic approach to heavy music (ala Norma Jean, The Chariot, etc) but then also continue to add the more emotional touches that the band has been known for since day one. More importantly, the band uses their art to express their dismay, and heartache for the city they live in. Hardcore isn’t supposed to paint a rosy picture of the world we live in – that’s what pop music is for. Hardcore is and should be about being real and sometimes that ‘realness’ is ugly as fuck. The band tackles power, greed, hypocrisy, and hopelessness, all in this one song as they exercise the many mixed emotions we’ve all been feeling living in Hong Kong these past few years.

The government here wants all of us HKers to tell “Hong Kong’s Good Stories” to the world as a way to push their fake agenda out to the world. This ain’t that good story they want us to share.

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