Holy Mathematics! Check Out Mathcore Band Maneating Orchid On New Album [India]

Goddamn…get them calculators out to figure out the time signatures on these tracks! This is expertly crafted and executed dissonant mathcore/prog rock/prog metal from our dudes in Indian band Maneating Orchid. The band formed in 2011 and have previously released their debut EP in 2016, their debut full-length ‘Miasma’ in 2019, and have just released their sophomore album ‘Hive Mind’. The full release comes after teasing the world with three singles over the last couple of months (all streaming below). On this musical adventure, the band dials up their sonic intensity pushing their notorious brand of chaotic prog into more bizarre and aggressive territories. Featuring 10 anomalous tracks, the record thematically takes a rancorous jab at things that plague the subcontinent: neo-fascism, government surveillance, coded bias, urban decay, fake news, despotism, and more.

This is one of those records that will take you weeks if not months to really peel away the immense layers of extreme music goodness. (In fact, how in the world does a band write music this technical and intricate?!?! Just being able to peek into the process itself would be super fascinating!)

Go grab physical goods as well as the digital tunes at the band’s bandcamp below.

SICK band – go support ’em!


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