HIRAETH Drops Powerful New Single and Music Video ‘Worst Enemy’ [Philippines]

Metalcore band HIRAETH is back with a stunning new single titled “Worst Enemy.” With heartfelt lyrics that delve deep into the complexities of self-destruction and redemption, this song promises to be a poignant addition to the metalcore music scene.

“Worst Enemy” is a gripping banger that explores the internal struggles many faces in their journey towards self-improvement. The lyrics, penned by HIRAETH, are a raw and emotional confession, delving into the themes of pride, anger, hate, and the universal battle of overcoming one’s own demons. The chorus of the song is a powerful reminder: “I am my own worst enemy,” encapsulating the overarching theme.

The song’s opening lines, “My pride has become a veil, unable to see the truth,” set the stage for a thought-provoking narrative that many can relate to. JC and Gian’s aggressively emotive vocals, combined with a hauntingly beautiful melody and impressive heavy guitar riffs. create an intense and captivating experience that will leave a lasting impression on the listener.


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