The Hell? Singapore Emo Band Forests Announce Hiatus.

The hell…one of our favorite emo/math rock bands from out here in Asia, Forests from Singapore, dropped a second full length this year, just wrapped up an Asian tour, and without batting an eye, have announced that they’re going on indefinite hiatus. Holy crap…we guess that’s one way to go out – ON TOP.

Check out their announcement below:

“hello forests friends, friday 5th july will probably be our last local show before we go on indefinite hiatus because our guitarist adam is moving to australia to study and you also can catch his emo folk punk band racoonhead on saturday, 6th july, thank you for your sick support so far and don’t come for both shows.”


Here’s the info for their last shows…the first show (July 5) features Hong Kong emo band wellsaid.

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