All hell breaks loose for the old Crystal Lake reunion show last night [Japan]

All hell breaks loose for the old Crystal Lake reunion show last night [Japan]. We’re old…the OLD Crystal Lake from the early 2000’s was what we really loved. So seeing Japan lose their mind for the old version of Crystal Lake to retake the stage and play those less commercial metalcore songs brings back a lot of memories. Check out the passion as the crowd loses it…the guitarist climbs up on to the PA speakers and dives off (Screenshot above). Basically – this was a good show.

Video credit: Greed Tokyo

This is what the band used to sound like:

This is what they sound like – which actually, sounds like a pretty natural progression for a band that was already dabbling in the more metal end of hardcore. And since the guitarists are still original members from when the band formed in 2002, it makes it seem less a sudden departure from their original sound.

But it’s hard to forget that a band that once was so celebrated for what they did in their early days and lost their vocalist in 2012, came back out with a new vocalist and drummer and released this. Left many of us scratching our heads.

But it’s all good – to each their own 🙂 It’s just cool to see for one night that original Crystal Lake magic take center stage again! is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!