Harsh Noise Act KK Null Release New Album [Japan]

For his Ratskin Records debut, Japanese underground music legend Kazuyuki Kishino aka KK NULL of Zeni Geva fame announces the album The Great Attractor. Slated for release this November 25th on CD, cassette and digital, KK NULL’s newest full-length album blends two “live” performances into a cinematic, sonically diverse sandstorm of electronic chaos. “The Great Attractor” pulls from numerous compositional and sonic strategies, including Japanese harsh noise, “high-speed” industrial, dance music, free-jazz and musique concrete.

Throughout the sixty-minute journey, NULL creates a mirror-world look into the unknown; a post-apocalyptic sonic journey into the epicenter of an erupting volcano. Through complex use of a wide scope of instrumentation, NULL synthesizes slithering, hypnotic rhythms, reminiscent of robotic snakes’ giant pools of boiling magma; pulsing and bubbling, the splitting of crystalline shards stab through the mix and send a piercing shiver into the bone. Controlled chaotic blasts of twisting drum machines slice through walls of spastic, sputtering synthesizers, choking blasts of noise, and sharp stabs of vocal-percussion manipulations. On The Great Attractor NULL has channeled both the nuances and chaos of the void, compressing it into a near hour-long cinematic representation of the darkness and psychedelic breath of outer space.


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