Hardest hitting song by an Asian hardcore/metal band? Badburn’s Only for the Strong

Gotya with that headline didn’t I?!?! 🙂

This heavily Madball influenced number by one of Asia’s hardest hardcore-metal bands Badburn from the Philippines recently got a slick new makeover…the song Only for the Strong from the first time I ever pressed play has always made me sit back smile wide full of pride listening to how the best of the best bring immense honor to this continent of ours. Now, with the help of another important group of movers and shakers for heavy music in the Philippines – the geniuses behind Tower of Doom – this song has been remastered for all your listening pleasures…
Go ahead…try NOT to press play on this song a hundred times…press play and don’t forget to read along to the lyrics…



there is one code to live by, with
these words I speak the truth
only the strong survive and wield the might to
take the fight to the who oppose they who want to see us fall
as I watch you take your last breath, I say, only for the strong


the weak inherit the ashes, the humble will bow
everyday is a test, fail and you lose it all (now)
we are the ones who hold our heads up high
the ones who roll the streets with pride
defined by how we survive in this hell some call life

in all the wars I’ve come to know
we are defined by how we survive
pride, honor and triumph are only for the strong

solo para los fuertes
only for the strong

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