Hardcore/Power Violence Band VENT Hone In Their Love for INFEST On Debut Tracks [China]

Goddamn…this brand new band from China, VENT, have the elements of all the things we love – powerviolence, grindcore, blast beats, heavy ass riffs, in your face hardcore punk. We can safely say that this is something we have never heard out of China and it really is fucking with our minds. With members comprising of other Chinese bands such as Rupture, Disanxian, Obsoletenova, of course this was going to be good. Could this the beginning of a powerviolence/grindcore scene in China?! Oh please be so!

Go check out how sick these three tracks are (including ending the third track with a little nod to the Sex Pistols) and spread the word! They just set up a bandcamp and facebook page to get their music spread beyond the walls of China.


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