Hardcore metal act Arcadia release breathtaking new single featuring Badburn’s Marben

Hardcore metal act Arcadia release breathtaking new single featuring the man, the myth, the legend Badburn‘s Marben. You know how much love we have for both these acts so you best fucking believe we’re blasting this jam loud and proud! Again, the band also has the added honor of being involved with the legends behind Tower Of Doom Records out of the Philippines and thus the music has the production that a heavy hitting track like this deserves.

Check out the full write up from the Tower of Doom website right at this link: http://towerofdoom.net/arcadia-timebomb/

Marben was kind enough to send in his thoughts about this collab:

“It was a good track to start with. Production’s good too. I think recent years have shown how Arcadia and Badburn have gotten tighter. It was inevitable to end up on a massive joint together. Big props to the boys for writing the heaviest version of themselves. Sets the bar high for everyone else.”

Guitarist Ariel sent this in:

“We wrote TIMEBOMB to contribute to climate change awareness. Admit it or not each and every one of us is responsible and contributes to it daily. The only thing we can do is to be aware of what we can do and try to minimize the damage.

“We live on a bomb of our own making.
The price of progress is a future forsaken.”

When we started writing the music, we all agreed to invite someone who is a very good friend of our band. We all voted and decided that Marben would be the perfect fit. We were also stoked that he was down to be involved on a track about this topic. And there you have it, TIMEBOMB.”


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