Hardcore legends Sick of it All need our help

sick of it all

This is not an Asia related post but this is Sick of it All so fuck you. Hahahaha…actually, it could be Asia related because who knows, they might bring their jams back here for a few dates this year! So read on and find out how YOU can help out!

One of the world’s hardest working hardcore bands, New York City’s Sick of it All, are celebrating the fact that they’ve been at this game for 30 years. Now, to make sure you understand CLEARLY what that means: this band has been at it NON-FUCKING-STOP that ENTIRE 30 year period. No breaks, no “farewell shows/tours” that go on and on and on, and therefore of course, no cheap “reunion” shows rehashing only one particular album every couple years when the bank account dries up. This is a band that has stuck to this “hardcore” thing through thick and thin since they began in Queens, New York back in 1986. They haven’t wavered, changed their sound/image/attitude, nor compromised in any way, shape or form. If these guys are not the poster boys (senior citizens maybe hahahaha…they’re going to kill me for saying that!) for the adage “live and breathe hardcore” then I don’t know my hardcore at all.

To celebrate this immense feat of making it to 30 years (with the same lineup since 1992 don’t forget! And seriously, Craig’s been there since the very beginning.)…you know they’ll be traveling the world and need our help to decide on what songs should make up their setlist.


Check out the link down below and after you pick your jaw up off the ground when you see the FULL list of songs these guys have created spanning their whole career, start voting for your favorite songs!

Here you go:


We hope these guys make it back to Asia this year!

To make it easier for you – here are all their full album streams:

Blood, Sweat and No Tears

Just Look Around


Scratch The Surface

Built To Last

Call To Arms

Yours Truly

Life On The Ropes (Can’t find a full album stream)

Death To Tyrants

Based On a True Story

Last Act of Defiance

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