Hardcore Band Spill Your Guts – Feat. Russian Vocalist – Release Statement Supporting Ukraine

We cannot imagine writing about anything else while we know people are being invaded currently as we speak.

Last night we put up a statement by a VERY brave Russian hardcore band Chain of Daydream who are currently IN Russia stating how much they support Ukraine and are against this war. You should read that HERE.

Today, hardcore band Spill Your Guts which features vocalist Dima from Russia has released the following statement also in support of Ukraine:

“Hey everyone, Dima here…

Just wanted to say how shocked and embarrassed I am watching the news unfold. Ukraine is the place where I played my first gig outside of Russia years before SYG, Kyiv is the place where I saw the first big hardcore band play live, it’s the place where I spent countless summers with my grandma visiting her friends as a child and now our moronic government launched an attack on what I always considered the closest friends and brothers/sisters.

Putin and his gang and what they turned my country into is the reason #1 why I spent half of my life in Asia and not with my family in my homeland. And now in 2022 instead of dealing with a lot of internal issues like a failing economy, they decided to waste resources on exercising their imperial ambitions and start a war that would only ruin lives on both sides of the border.
We can only hope that this madness will end soon and war crimes committed now will result in the fall of this corrupted regime.

SYG stands for love, peace and blast beasts!
Everyone in Ukraine – stay safe and stay strong!”

The reason we are adamant about making these voices heard is that we want the world to know there are thousands of Russians against this evil invasion of their neighbor. There are hundreds of moving photos of thousands of Russians protesting on the streets of Russia stating unequivocally how much they are against this war. They are putting their lives in danger by doing so but feel it’s important to make sure the world knows that they are staunchly against this invasion.

Please continue to keep the people of Ukraine in your hearts. And as more Ukrainians become refugees in neighboring countries you open your homes to them.

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