Hardcore Band Outrage Release Live in The Studio Videos [Indonesia]

Yo…all that NYHC love is spilling out of us listening to Indonesian hardcore band Outrage RAGE on these excellently filmed in the studio live videos. These dudes bring that groove it hard!

Here’s some background info:

Outrage is a five-piece hardcore punk crossover band. Blending heavy metal, hardcore with groovy riffs and lyrical delivery reminiscent of early 90’s hip hop. Solidifying a sound that is truly theirs. Raw and perpetually angry. The members are no strangers to the underworld. Adit an established frontman of the pop-punk titans SATCF takes charge on vocals, Anom plays guitar in Jakarta HC juggernauts, Straight Answer, but on bass in Outrage. Edo’s other band is Seems Like Yesterday, a band that led the charge of the Indonesian emo scene in the early 2000’s. On the distorted side of things are Ayie and Dennis neighbours that share the same interest in playing the guitars and making them go chug chug. Ayied dabbles in a lot of things including The Side Project. Dennis also plays guitar in A Thousand Punches and Displacement. Their debut album Higher Powers is an ode to their musical upbringing. With a wide spectrum of references from the likes of Rage Against the Machine to Terror to Big Pun.

Outrage Higher Powers studio session was recorded and shot at Beatspace Studios in Jakarta to promote the release of the album and to showcase the band’s new line up. This is the first in a 5 part series! Look out for a new episode every Friday at 12:30gmt.


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