Hardcore Band Excrowded Release Music Video Through Collaborating With BMX and Skateboarding

Indonesian hardcore band Excrowded has released a music video entitled ‘Under The Trapped’ through collaborating with BMX, skate & theater and working with a Malang City movement called More Local Growing (MLG).

“This video clip relates the meaning of a person at the bottom point and then rises from the bottom. And it was described by a talent theater figure Jonathan, wrapped in plastic over his body, and then gradually he began to spring up and rip out of the plastic shell that was blanking his wick. Add to this angry facial expression of the talent of the theater and add strong energy emanating from a talent Jonathan.

Then switch to BMX (Dypta) and Skate (Tommy). The BMX has wheels and gear that rotate when it speeds. Similarly to the skate, the image from this side is as long as time goes round, as does the journey through Someone’s life. Sometimes they’re up top. sometimes they’re down below. And how they keep trying to be consistent in the circle of life.

In terms of the concept of the clip, there was an additional red and pitch black effect in this video clip. This fits the concept of Excrowded theme from the “self-control” album. The red effect adjustment in video clip is not defined as anger, but it’s a fire of passion burning inside the member of the band or the person who helped with the video clip.”

More info here: https://www.instagram.com/excrowded/?hl=id

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