Guitarist of Ukrainian Hardcore Act Strike Each Other Issues Plea

Guitarist of Ukrainian metallic hardcore band Strike Each Other makes plea to Russians in the Russian hardcore scene:


I appeal to my acquaintances and friends from Russia, those who still think that there are “militia” and that kind of people.
There is a war on now! Your country, your armed forces have openly attacked our country and only you are lied to and continue while our people (and yours too). die.

I played with many of you on the same stage, interacting on social media, I appreciate your support, but understand if you think this war is not about you, you are deeply wrong. You can go out of your comfortable homes, put off all your “important” things and protest against the government that is killing us, without being silent!

Just yesterday I had a birthday, I spent it peacefully with my family, with a delicious dinner with my beloved wife, toys with my little son, playing the guitar, but today we don’t know what tomorrow will bring, and how our lives will turn around.
Remember! We are in our country, which we love very much, where your OCCUPATION troops have come to!

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