Guitarist of Singapore Bands Sial/Declaration Releases Killer SE Asia Hardcore Punk Mixtape

Oh man…we’ve been waiting for someone to put something like this together!

Check out this killer mixtape entitled Stay Home of the current crop of hardcore punk bands that are keeping the flames alive in Southeast Asia curated by the guitarist of two bands in this list – SIAL and Declaration. Hafiz wrote the following:

“In light of the Coronavirus pandemic and everyone staying home as a precautionary measure to fight this global crisis I’ve compiled 18 tracks of back to back punk hardcore action for you to smash your boredom away. And at the same time, you can check out what the current South East Asian punk scene has to offer. Do not forget to support all the bands/labels in the list and also remember to support your local punk venues/radical spaces/record stores. They need the most help in times like this.”


Check out the full tracklist below and he was even kind enough to include links to all the band’s music…

Thank you Hafiz!

1. INFLUËNZIA – Kriminal (Malaysia)
2. XYRESIC – Dos Caras (Singapore)
3. SIAL – Biar Putih tulang, Jangan putih mata (Singapore)

4. NO KONTROL – Semankin Gila (Malaysia)

5. GAZE DREAD – Creepy Trauma (Indonesia)

6. HONG! – Harak (Indonesia)
7. C.L.A.W. – Maniac’s charm (Singapore)
8. DOLDREY – Eternal Oblivion (Singapore)

9. SLAVE – Punk Police (Malaysia)
10. PLASTIC LOVE – Shit (Singapore)
11. SASAU – Good times (Malaysia)
12. SS/BLOCK – Mob Violence (Malaysia)
13. SUCCUBUS – Judas (Indonesia)
14. STILETTO – Dead end (Singapore)

15. PEEL – Tartarus (Indonesia)
16. CRAWL – Suffer system (Indonesia)

17. FUSE – Deadlock (Singapore)

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