Guitarist of Nepalese Metal Band Syndrome Launches Online Merch Store

Nirav, guitarist of Nepalese metal band Syndrome, has launched a brand new online merch store called Gorehog Merchandise out of Hong Kong.

Talking about the inspiration to start this company, Nirav said, “Personally in my experience so far, it’s really hard getting merch in Hong Kong especially for some extreme metal bands so what we do is order online paying almost double the price with shipping costs and then wait at least a week or even up to a month before it arrives. So I started this so that we metalheads don’t have to go through all the hassle and can just get it here.”

Of course, being from Nepal, Nirav wants to make sure that whatever he has in stock in Hong Kong is available to his hometown. “I’m originally from Nepal and it’s also very difficult to get ahold of official/licensed merch and the shipping cost makes the price unaffordable for an average metalhead. So my plan is to make this merch also available in Nepal at a minimum cost.”

“For now, I only have some death/brutal/slam stuff however my vision is to make a wide variety of band merch available. All the merch are supplied from Fat Tub of Lard Records/Brutal Mind Records and every product is officially licensed.”

If you order now the site is giving a 10% discount on all items. When you place your order just type in GOREDISCOUNT10 into the discount code upon check out.

Hit up the store at the following link:

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