Grindcore Trio Wormrot Rip Through Two Brand New Tracks In Excellent Live Vid [Singapore]

Singaporean grindcore trio Wormrot have just released this insanely well-shot live video of the band ripping through two brand new tracks including the song they just released ‘Behind Closed Doors’.

The video was done courtesy of Snakeweed Studios who did an AMAZING job with visuals and audio.

According to Snakeweed, “In this episode, Wormrot performs a rush of two songs, “Behind Closed Doors” and “When Talking Fails, It’s Time for Violence”. They deliver an aural onslaught of monstrous proportions; an overwhelming orchestration that consumes you before you can process the tsunami of stimuli. Behemoth beats strike with blistering speed and walloping intensity. Knife-edged guitars cut with piercing, threshing riffage. And fiendish vocals belt out growls and shrieks that could raise the army of the dead. Beneath the chaos lies a mastery of skill and technique, constructing complex rhythms and dynamics that display expert musicianship from the Wormrot triad. This is a band in stellar form. This performance is the proof you need.”

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