Homie from KRUELTY doesn’t have enough stuff on his hands apparently! The band literally just dropped a brand new album ‘Untopia‘ and is on tour throughout Europe but somehow still managed to put together a brand new grindcore band called WITHOUT DEFEAT along with friends in Horsehead Nebula (BAND IS BANANAS). The debut EP is out now and contains 8 tracks. The label releasing it, Black Konflik Records, had this to say:

“Tokyo grinding hardcore punk’s first debut EP contains 8 new tracks recorded in 2023 with grinding hardcore-ish tendencies and a sludgy tone that sets them apart from the pack. As heavy as their sound is, it does not shirk the melody and catchiness whatsoever with a kind of death-grind growling brutal vocals, spans grinding speeds, and crunchy guitar riff. Get the CD from 

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