Grindcore Band Kasrakass Release Music Video [Malaysia]

Check out Malaysian grindcore band Kasrakass on their new music video for the track Otamak.

“Kasrakass, gladly announcing our very own debut official music video is here. Otamak (orang tamak), “greedy bastards”, written as an expression towards those fvckin assholes who act like a complete greedy selfish. We believe that the main factor that contributed to corruption is just, greed (tamak). To us, these bastards just should not be living among human beings.

Lucky for us to have the chance to collaborate with our best mate, Piqo of @heavyeyesvisuals & @Explicit. Honestly, he’s the easiest dude to work with since he instantly knew and understood what we want. Hit him up for any cool media/art/visual works.

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