All great things must come to an end – Singapore band The Caulfield Cult say goodbye

All great things must come to an end.

Singapore band The Caulfield Cult startled Asia earlier today with a short message on their Facebook with the above image and the following choice words:

“thank you, fuck you, bye”

Upon reading this – a whole ocean of emotions have broken the levees in our hearts that are usually holding ourselves together…

In Asia – it’s virtually impossible for bands to do anything full-time. In fact, we don’t know many bands within the genre of punk-hardcore-metal-indie rock that do play full-time. The Caulfield Cult was one of those bands that tried their best to take it to a more full-time level with their vocalist Nick even stating online that he hasn’t had a full-time job in a few years and struggles every day in order to stay true to his art.

So was their demise inevitable? Possibly. Did we in our hearts pray that they would be able to break the mold and actually prove that an Asian band can indeed be a full-time entity? Every fucking day.

We wish the guys in the band the best of luck as they move on to bigger and greater success in the future.

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