Great hour long documentary about touring China via Chinese indie rock giants PK 14

pk 14

It’s always awesome when by complete accident you come across a gem amongst websites…check out this website The World Underground curated by John Yingling who travels the world documenting VERY lengthy documentary videos capturing the essence of playing music. His videos are detailed to say the least because he literally plants himself right in the midst of traveling bands documenting their trials and tribulations. He catches the live shows (of course), but also behind the scenes and intersperses all of this with interviews.

The China one is the one I’m in the midst of completing. He joins one of China’s biggest and widely respected indie rock giants – PK 14 as they tour through China.

His website is a MUST bookmark…

Please read through his own description and enjoy the China episode below!

“A global archive, free to all.

The World Underground is a simple idea, with complex layers.  Create and release films on underground music scenes around the world.  Release them for donation, with a huge live audio archive, exhaustive contacts page.  Try to raise enough to do it again.  The idea is that each release funds the next.

The hard part is over.  With the release of CHINA, the project launches with the first feature length film, over 50 live recordings, and a wormhole links to explore.  This is just the beginning.

Now we just need to spread the word.  Please donate if possible.  Anything helps us continue.

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