Gotsu Totsu Kotsu to release new album [Japan]

Gotsu Totsu Kotsu have announced that they will be releasing a new album entitled The Final Stand this October [Japan]. Artwork and track listing can be seen below:

1. 魔ノ都 Urbs Diaboli
2. 無二ノ決戦 A Showdown Like No Other
3. 撫デ斬リ Sword Sweep
4. 屍ヲ晒セ Die In Glory
5. 無慈悲ナ仏神 Merciless Deities
6. 反撃ノ時 Time To Strike Back
7. 背水之陣 The Final Stand
8. 文物ト戦 Civilizations And Wars
9. 降伏勧告 Summons To Surrender
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