Goregrind/Death Metal Act Pharmacist Unleash Second Album [Japan]

Japanese death metal/goregrind act Pharmacist released their second full-length album, “Flourishing Extremities On Unspoiled Mental Grounds”.

Following their debut, “Medical Renditions Of Grinding Decomposition”, released in 2020, the new album shows a more complex structure and includes guest solo guitarist Andrew Lee (Ripped To Shreds).

Having 7 tracking clocking in more than 46 minutes, most of the songs are over 7 minutes long, unfolding more intricate songwriting and progressive elements through the whole playtime.

Metal Injection had this to say about the band, “If one is unfamiliar with Pharmacist’s catalog, on the outside it would be easy to guess that they are a goregrind unit, maybe worshipping at the bloody altar of Reek of Putrefaction. Pharmacist are more akin to a Symphonies of Sickness sound though. Something that walks a harder line between death metal and grindcore without being a full-on deathgrind band. In fact, there maybe be no better example of this than the opening track “Accelerating Suppuration.” The track starts off the record in an explosive fashion: heavy fast riffs coupled with blasts and some meaty drums. Before long Lee’s solos are ripping left and right. This is the album right here, a seamless mixture of old school death metal blended with plenty of grindcore over seven tracks for a solid forty-six minutes.”

CD is released by Bizarre Leprous Productions in Europe and Sevared Records in USA.


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