Go Support Bangladesh Deathfest! Mad Lineup Announcement of All Bangladesh Lineup

Bangladesh Deathfest MMXXI is set to be held on 24th September 2021.

It was supposed to be an open-air gig, the biggest extreme metal event in Bangladesh. But considering the Covid-19 situation its no longer possible now. The Government has declined permission for an open-air event at the moment, thus Spiritual Deliverance (SD) had to change its plans.

“We have already promised to make this gig happen in September and we have been working on it for the past month. Bangladesh Deathfest MMXXI – is going to be an indoor event now. It will take place in “Halloween Hall” at “Jamuna Future Park – Level 5. We had to make sure everything is right before the announcement, so it took us quite some time to make this post. People who have been waiting eagerly to know about the gig, we would like to show apologies to them and also thanks for your patience.” – Spiritual Deliverance (SD)

The lineup is final. Some of the best extreme metal acts of Bangladesh will be playing in “Bangladesh Deathfest MMXXI”

Check out the full lineup below and in the flyer further below.

“Even though it’s no longer going to be an open-air gig yet we promise that this is going to be an outrageous event and we’ll be looking forward to seeing all the metalheads across the nation coming to the gig enjoying all the madness from their skins to their bones.”

– Team Spiritual Deliverance




Kaal Akuma



Severe Dementia

Torture Goregrinder



Feral Massacre





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