French punk band Pinku Saido announce China and Japan tourdates

French punk band Pinku Saido have announced China and Japan tourdates. Here’s a background to the band because it took us a bit to wrap our heads around the band’s make up as well hahaha…

“Pinku Saido started in summer 2015, in Lyon (France) as a three piece. Thomas (drums), Xavier (bass) and Florian (guitar) wanted to start a new project on the ashes of their previous ones (Robotnicka, Defaite, Lexomyl, Baygon Vert, Coche Bomba… to name a few). The main goal was to play simple and melodic punk rock with hints of psychedelic sound to keep things exciting and to explore a more diverse musical universe.

Shortly after, Kaori (vocals), a Tokyo (Japan) resident and former member of Saca La Fiesta, The Happening, etc., when visiting friends in Europe, dropped by the practice room and tried some vocal lines. The project became a band. A demo tape was recorded and a full-circle French tour was completed in just nearly 6 months after their start. Shows happen every time band members are reunited. The geographical issue (members separated from one corner of the world to the other) became a strength and a way to focus on the project, to make things happen no matter what, and with a strong D.I.Y. ethos underlying every step (recording, artwork, silk-screening etc…), only possible with the help of many close friends.

We recently released a new 7-song 12″LP, and and will go on tour China and Japan in summer 2017, again with the help of international friends. Pinku Saido believes punk rock still remains as the universal language for those who want to stay true to their heart. Ça pète sa mère !”

Check out the band’s music at their website below and their bandcamp below…the vocals are AMAZING!

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