French Blogs Le Bruit des Perles/Hardcore Is More Than Music Release New Comp

French blogs Le Bruit des Perles & Hardcore Is More Than Music have gotten together to release a new compilation playlist this time featuring bands from the Chinese, Japanese and Korean hardcore scenes.

Check out the playlist and info on the bands taking part further below. All bands that we’ve featured tons of times on the site here and we’re always glad when bands from our communities get more recognition worldwide.

1/ Brave Out – Peace
Osaka, Japan
Growing Distance (2017)

2/ Turn For Our – F.T.P (Fuck The Police)
Seoul, South Korea
Things We Ever Know (2019)

3/ Own Up!!! – Old Shit
Beijing, Chine
Hold On A Second (2017)

4/ Hwanza – F.Y.C.T
Seoul, South Korea
Demo (2019)

5/ 444 – Watch It
Seoul, South Korea
Fuse (2018)

6/ United Front – Hazard
Demo (2018)
Kanazawa, Japan

7/ Guren – Kick For Your Head
Osaka, Japan
1st EP (2019)

8/ Open Wide – Lose My Sight
Saitama, Japan
Japan Youth Crew Discography (2019)

9/ Return The Truth – Don’t Ever Judge Me
Beijing, China
Ain’t Going Nowhere (2018)

10/ Slant – The Trap
Seoul, South Korea
Vain Attempt (2019)

11/ The Communion – Aged Out
Kanazawa, Japan
EP (2019)

12/ Driven – Dead Bodies
Osaka, Japan
Demo (2017)

13/ Blow Your Brains Out – Think It Through
Tokyo, Japan
Blackout Demo (2019)

14/ True Fight – Lost Sight
Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan
Demo (2019)

15/ Fatal – Young Blood
Kanazawa, Japan
RC Young Blood (2018)

16/ The Geeks – A Thousand Miles
Seoul, South Korea
The Constant (2019)

17/ Flush!! – Mommy Daddy Never Lose
Seoul, South Korea
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