Feeling These Midwest Emo Vibes – Emotive Punk Band Mascot Release Debut EP [Malaysia]

Those familiar vibes of the 90’s midwest sound for some of us are too hard to turn away from. Malaysian emo band Mascot came across our radar and with anything that comes across our radar we of course gave it a listen. As soon as those guitars, with those clean tones, came through our speakers, we were hooked. Luckily it wasn’t just a SINGLE track that we were listening to, it was actually the band’s entire debut EP ‘Penutup’ that we were enjoying.

Great band…GREAT release…check out Malaysian emo in all its beauty sung in Malay.

“Mascot is a Midwest Emo/Alt-Rock band formed by Aiman Z., with Zi on lead guitar and Izz on bass. Mascot’s sound is derived from the somber yet energetic tones of midwest-emo inspired riffs, honest vocals, and insightful lyrics. Their latest EP, Penutup, is a DIY release from Aiman’s home studio, fully mixed, mastered, and produced independently. Penutup consists of 4 colorful tracks, Pulang, Sekian, Lupa, and Penutup – each with its own story to tell.”

Today, we’re not only sharing their debut EP but also their debut music video for the track ‘Sekian’ off the EP. According to Mascot, “Sekian” means “as it is” in the Malay language. The song revolves around the helplessness of finding meaning and purpose in life, a constant struggle to prove to oneself that there’s something worth chasing. We worked with dolllhousefilms and the story revolves around finding passion in place of the mundane. Director Aina Zamira Adnan really nailed the interpretation with the story and visuals.”

Go enjoy some new tunes!


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