FAVORITE RECORD: Kakusan Records honcho Christer shares one of his favorite records

Earlier this morning we came across this wonderful post that the owner of Kakusan Records, Christer Lunnan-Reitan, wrote about a record that means a lot to him. Being that the record is from one of our very own brethren from this part of the world, we asked if it was okay to reprint it here. This could easily become an important segment on the site – your favorite record by an Asian band and why.

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For now – enjoy Christer’s choice.

Check out Christer’s amazing record label at this link: https://kakusanrecords.bandcamp.com/

He’s also playing in a band called Monochrome Nauseahttps://monochromenausea.bandcamp.com/

The Absent Trail of an Echo and My Future Plagued by Surrender
I’ve Come For Your Children Records, 2003

In 2004 I started working at a tiny record store in Oslo, and I soon discovered ENVY, and I fell in love with the band. Later the same day, I stumbled upon this unknown band called GAUGE MEANS NOTHING, and for the second time that same day I fell in love. A more experimental approach than ENVY, but just as emotive and passionate, GAUGE MEANS NOTHING blends different genres in a emo/hardcore mix I still haven’t found an equal to. Synths, violins, melodic bass lines, frantic drumming and picking, fragile guitars (but also with the capability of making walls of distorted, angry noise), combined with multiple vocals (screamed, incredibly passionate vocals, and sung fragile and sincere vocals) interlacing and creating something unique but yet familiar to those who have liked this kind of music previously.

GAUGE MEANS NOTHING is one of the bands that have inspired my own music making in terms of experimenting while keeping true to a artform I’ve loved and respected for almost half a lifetime at this moment. This record always gives me a huge smile on my face, and it gives me so much inspiration every time I hear it, the bands the members have done after it, or just hearing the band name at all.

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