Exalter announce new release to be out on Transcending Obscurity


EXALTER (Bangladeshi metal act) announce new release through Transcending Obscurity Distribution (sub-label). Killer old school thrash metal for those with balls.

Transcending Obscurity Distribution owner Kunal Choksi comments, “Exalter are possibly one of the best bands in the subcontinent and their brand of thrash metal has everything I adore – it’s gnarly, old school, uptempo, and even sounds crisp and good. I think they have great potential and hope our partnership extends beyond the label/PR sphere and even entails the band crossing over to play more shows in the country. This year is looking good for thrash metal with Exalter and after that Chaos and Carnage Inc. releasing albums under the TO banner. Armament paved the way and it’s time for Exalter to carry the torch.”

Exalter state, “First of all, we want to express our gratitude towards Transcending Obscurity Distribution. This is our second release. Big thanks to brother Kunal Choksi, the owner of the label. We are honored to work with you. We are excited and looking forward to our endeavors with Transcending Obscurity Distribution.

In the ‘Obituary for the Living’ MCD, Exalter explore themes related to freedom, liberty, power, torture; and all of it expressed through the classic thrash metal fury and boldness. The drive and the pulse of the songs are heavily infused with thoughtful words that are as meaningful as they are aggressive. People who appreciate dynamic heavy music will be thrashing along to this damning obituary.”


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