Evil Singing Pandas Release Thrash Metal Duelling Solo Track Feat. Laang [Singapore]

Evil Singing Pandas release Epic Thrash Metal Song with guest soloist Kohld Haveneson from Laang: The Fall of the Giant. The song is an excerpt from the final chapter of The Ramakien (or Ramayana): The final epic battle between the Monkey God Hanuman and his eternal Nemesis, The Evil Giant, Thotsakan.

On top of being one of our most melodic and epic track with majestic arrangements, a lot of research is done for this song in lyrics-writing. The guitar solo dual between Rex Santikorn of Evil Singing Pandas and Kohld Haveneson of Laang 冷 from 3:38 to 4:45 depicts the final dual between two sides. The solo starts with Rex (as Hanuman) advancing in the enemy’s terrain with a slow steady melodic style solo, as if penetrating strongly and steadily, breaking Thotsakan’s defenses. The final half of the dual is how Thotsakan (played by Kohld) and his legion falling one by one, and the fruitless final attempt in “raining serpents arrow” with a breathless and melodious tapping style solo.

Evil Singing Pandas is but a comedy thrash metal band, but The Fall of the Giant shows that they can do some serious, infernal, brutal style Thrash Metal too. Evil Singing Pandas would like to give special thanks to Kohld Haveneson from Laang 冷 for amazing guitar works on this track.


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