Emo Band Playburst Unveil Full Debut EP Stream – You Should Be Listening Now [Malaysia]

Malaysian emo band Playburst have teased tracks and snippets of their greatness for the past few months…today you finally get to hear it in its entirety and judge their greatness on the merits of their insanely well crafted debut EP. The EP itself is song after song of stellar writing and amazing production keeping the vibe of the music/vocals pulling at your heartstrings throughout (Great job ISEEKMUSIC Studio for doing amazing work recording this!). The band features awesome Malaysian musicians – including members of grindcore band Tools of The Trade, power pop band Couple as well as the following bands: Jalan Sehala, The Fridays, Crack Guilty…However, regardless of their pedigree, the band writes great music.

The band has stated that the cassette version of this EP will be released by Utarid Tapes on June 23. To grab a copy of this hit up the label directly:
[email protected]
Or Whatsapp / Telegram at +60172378792

That date is also the band’s debut show! Make sure you’re at that! If we lived in Malaysia, we’d be there for sure! Show info at this link:


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