Emo Act Forests [Singapore] Have Released Their Second Full Length

Trust us…even though we’re currently traveling through Korea, the moment this full length went up in full streaming beauty, we stopped and pressed play. You should too. Now.

Emo/Math Rock/Emotive Punk/Whatever You Want To Call It, band Forests, outta Singapore, have finally released a brilliant follow up to their last outing Sun Eat Moon Grave Party released in 2016. They followed that release up with shows and more shows and more shows. How did they manage to write a whole new album’s worth of material and get it recorded within that timeframe is beyond us. But here we are. And we are all better for it.

Go blast these jams and make sure to catch the band on tour with Falls. Info here: https://uniteasia.org/lithe-records-announce-joint-falls-forests-se-asia-dates/

This is how the band gets the crowd falling in love – so how the fuck you going to be so damn stupid that you’d miss this!?


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