Eat Shit And Die – No We’re Not Telling You What To Do – That’s A Band. Who Wants You To Die.

We’re proud of that headline 🙂

When that opening riff, hard as fucking nails, drops…you know shit’s going to go off. And when the vocalist stomps on stage like a madman unleashing a lifetime’s worth of pent up rage and hostility – you know this is a band to watch.

Meet Malaysian hardcore punk band Eat Shit And Die, upon which watching their performance you’re going to want to go eat shit and die. Their music is an amalgamation of blast beats, sludge, doom, mid-tempo riffage, epic soundscapes, hardcore, punk rock, metal, noise…with the intent of giving you a musical journey that is FAR from predictable. Which in itself is one of our favorite parts about this band – you never know what’s going to happen next. Their explosive live shows are the same – you are glued to their set because you don’t know what madness is going to erupt.

Check out this fullset live destruction of Gegey Fest by the band filmed and edited by Track By Track Records.

Go listen to Eat Shit and Die and fall in love with the band:

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