Drummer of X-Japan – Yoshiki – Hong Kong concert suddenly canceled


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Drummer of X-Japan’s – Yoshiki – Hong Kong show suddenly canceled.

The past couple of hours thousands in attendance waiting to watch the drummer of legendary Japanese band X-Japan, Yoshiki, perform in a special concert complete with a classical orchestra have been camping out at the Asia Expo arena in Hong Kong. The photo above was circulating hours ago as people were arriving at the venue. The venue itself sits right next to Hong Kong’s airport which is almost an hour long journey by bus.

As they began arriving to this notice there was no official word from the organizers themselves – Puffin Entertainment. Instead, Yoshiki was on his twitter posting messages to his fans to stay put and that everything was going to be cleared up soon.


A couple hours later word got out that the organizers, Puffin Entertainment, had failed to provide the appropriate paperwork to the Hong Kong government and thus never got the appropriate paperwork for the concert to go ahead.

Yoshiki himself clearly was not being told what was going on as he sat backstage waiting to perform. He even posted the following post while the Hong Kong internet (including local media!) had already reported that this was an issue of permits not being awarded for the concert to be held in the first place.


Finally at 9:05pm Yoshiki himself came out to his fans and explained that tonight’s show was canceled. He canceled his returning flight for tomorrow in order to play a “private” show to honor his fans that came out tonight.

The real question is: what the fuck happened with Puffin Entertainment? What paperwork did they forget to fill out for a concert of this magnitude in Hong Kong? It was such a big deal that all of Hong Kong’s mainstream media have been reporting about it non-stop for the past few hours.

Also – Puffin has yet to make an official announcement. Yoshiki on the other hand has been making announcements to his fans non-stop. This is the latest one:

“My dear fans,

Let me explain what happened with my concert tonight.

2 hours before the show, the promoter in Hong Kong told me, they realized that they failed to apply for a license for tonight’s show. And told me that I needed to cancel the show.

I was really confused for a moment. The promoter really apologized to me. Then I proposed, what if I were to play a private show for free for my fans, who were already at the venue tonight, Can the venue allow me to play?

After a long negotiation, the venue said they will allow me to play tomorrow night. So I will play a show in Hong Kong for the people who already have tickets for free.  All tickets will be honored and refunded.

In order for us to make up for any inconveniences, each ticket holder can bring one extra friend as a guest (Tickets will be refunded regardless). We’ll try to accommodate anyway we can, even changing the stage plan.

Again I’m really sorry for what has happened tonight.
I hope you understand and can make it tomorrow night.

Thank you

Yoshiki Classical ticket Hotline – 852 65375134
Email: [email protected]

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