Drummer of Thrash Band Carnage Inc, Release Solo Project – Moin [India]

A brand new sound in the experimental space of Post/Progressive rock – MOIN – a self-titled outfit led by Moin Farooqui, versatile drummer/producer from the Mumbai(India) indie music scene, 1/4th of the Thrash Quartet Carnage Inc, and part of multiple other projects.

The concept of MOIN was conceived in early Feb 2020 and took further shape as the pandemic/lockdown arose. The first track “Seclusion” which literally means “quarantine” premiered in April. The songs in the album revolve around the human psyche and tries to express them through instrumental songwriting. The music is influenced by varied genres ranging from post-rock, metal, funk to even hip-hop and contemporary. The album has collaborations with some of the musicians Moin spent the last few years on stage with.


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