Doom Metal Acts Dismal [Hong Kong] and Magdalene Ju-nen [Japan] To Release Split

Hong Kong based label Ending Services will join forces with Chinese label Pest Productions to release a split record for Depressive Black / Doom Metal band Dismal from Hong Kong and Occult Doom Rock master マグダラ呪念 Magdalene Ju-nen. Further details about the release will be coming soon.

“From the Eastern land full of ghost stories and grotesque themes, being highly influenced by the Death Art of Mishima Yukio, マグダラ呪念 Magdalene Ju-nen combines Old School Doom Rock / Metal from the 70s with traditional Japanese music, conjuring the most unique and mysterious dark art.

Melancholy and despair have not taken away this band despite seemingly being disappeared for 2 years since the release of their debut album 遺。白. Roaming between Depressive Black Metal and Doom Metal, Dismal has re-defined the meaning of sorrow with their own touches that no one has ever attempted.”

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