Demonstealer [India] Launches Fundraising Drive For New EP

Check out a fundraising drive by Demonstealer for his new EP:

“For my upcoming EP, I’m looking to crowdfund 100,000 INR which is about 1150 Euro/1300 USD. This is the budget I have to record, mix, master, create artwork, get tabs made, film and edit videos, hire a PR company, etc for my 4 song EP.

The good engineers in Europe charge about 500 Euro per song to mix and master, making that about 2000 Euro for a 4 song EP. Artwork from someone well know is also close to the 2000 Euro mark which would make just those two processes cost about 4000 Euros (that’s 4500 USD). That’s 3,43,000 INR for 4 songs, add in other costs we’re looking at about 400,000 INR at least, which is about 100,000 a song.

I mean if I wanted to do that for my EP I’d need about 1000 fans buying my EP at 5$ to be able to afford it. Damn, how do bands afford this stuff.”

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