DEMO ALERT: Indication (Loyal to the Grave/Birthplace/Ex-Crystal Lake) Drop Demo [Japan]

Goddamn! Check out brand new Japanese metallic hardcore/edge metal band Indication on their HARD self-titled demo track. The band features Crystal Lake‘s original vocalist Kentaro, Koba of Loyal to The Grave/Birthplace, GV also of Birthplace, and Keita of Sable Hills – so you would be right to expect absolute fucking perfection. This has all those Morning Again/State Craft-esque vibes to fill your heart with total hatred for this world complete with mosh/metal riffs, EXCELLENT production (how’s this a demo??), and those vocals – Kentaro’s always been a beast. The song also features a member of State Craft and Tome of Birthplace dropping a little cameo on the track.

Kentaro was even kind enough to send in some info about how it came together:

“I just said I wanted to form my own band with Koba. And then both GV and Keita joined the band and we started writing songs around the spring of 2022. It’s been about a year. It’s hard to narrow down to one inspiration. Of course, we are influenced by State Craft and 90’s new school hardcore!”

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