As Delhi Descends Into Mob Violence – Vocalist of Sarfaad Pens Poignant Article

No doubt you have seen footage of the tragic horror that engulfed the capital city of India, Delhi, yesterday. Today the vocalist of Indian band Sarfaad, Arbaaz Khan, penned the following article. With his permission, we have reprinted it here because the world needs to see this and keep themselves aware of what’s going on around the world.

“If you haven’t a clue about what’s happening in the capital of our country. Yesterday right-wing goons turned to the streets of East Delhi and started clashing with the Anti-CAA protests. This turned violent with stone-pelting from both sides. A police constable was killed. As the day went by they started targeting Muslim households and by the night time entire neighborhoods in Maujpur, Jaffrabad and Chandbagh were burnt down. 5 people were confirmed dead.

Now what you can do is:

1) Stop saying that this attack is on humanity and not give it religious angle. This was an attack on Muslim households and neighborhoods. Those not of Muslim faith had hoisted flags in front of their houses to avoid the skirmish. A Mazar (shrine) was specifically burnt down with petrol bombs.

2) There is no Pro-CAA faction, they’re anti-Muslim. If you’re an ally this is what you need to understand and accept. This is not an attempt to communalize things but reality.

3) I know the images and videos coming out of the areas can be graphic and gory but don’t stop sharing them. Verify your sources and spread the information. News reaches social media before it reaches the media houses. Memes sad posting and trump can wait. The spread of information is crucial right now, the state is not doing anything but people can.

4) If you’re anywhere near these areas and can provide medical and legal assistance please mobilize as it is been said by eyewitnesses the areas are still being patrolled by right-wing goons.

Police beating protestors and forcing them to sing the national anthem. ACAB

5) Encourage dialogue and stray away a from hateful commentary in these turbulent times. Everyone’s high on emotions and the Internet is an open outlet for expression but also a means to target you.

6) Please for the love of all that is good do not turn away or disregard young Muslim voices, if you think someone’s being to radical in your sense, talk to them sanely coz there are things that these people have to say that you may not know or have faced as a person from the majority.

Muslim woman got her fruit cart burned to the ground by Hindu nationalists. This was her livelihood. Full article HERE.

To all Muslims, this is not a time to blame the entire religion and do what has been done to us for decades. We will not become the ones we hate. Seek support from the majority, but if you face dismissal don’t hold it against the person. We are trying to have a secular front but by our rules.

Educate. Organise. Agitate.

To all the people who are atheists, agnostic, spiritual, non-believers and bear a Muslim name. It is also your duty to reclaim your identities and speak out because when they come they will not care if you’ve abandoned your faith. They’ll only care for your name. Don’t be religious but don’t shy away from your identity. We need more allies in this long battle.”

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