Death metal band The Wreckage release new album [Singapore]

Death metal band The Wreckage release new album Unleashed online [Singapore]. You can pick up the record at their bandcamp further below and itunes here:

“Our new record is going to be the heaviest AND the most melodic thing we’ve ever done” – just about every metal band ever.

THE WRECKAGE are no different. But instead of another tired attempt at reinventing the steel, THE WRECKAGE are set to Unleash a torrent of ** into the auditory canals of jaded metal audiences worldwide. Or realistically, Asia.

With a name like THE WRECKAGE, it should come as no surprise that the band aims to leave a charred battlefield of bodies in the wake of their Punishing Death Metal Live Assault. That’s no way to treat listeners these days, but it’s an unfortunate side effect of the Brutal, yet Melodic riff-slabs that the Gore Unit have been offering to their hapless victims/fans since 2001.

Hailing from the transit point of bands touring Asia/Australia, the Singaporean quartet put their geographical advantage to good use and have played alongside international and regional miscreants Carnifex, Chelsea Grin, Implore, Devourment, Demisor, Wynken Delirium, In Vein and many more. The butchery even spread as far as Thailand and Malaysia before being contained – but how long would the stitches hold?

Not very, it would turn out. In 2018, the Gore Unit added the 5th notch onto their cleavers with the release of the full-length studio album “Unleashed”. Ten bangers of uncompromising brutality AND melody – enough for your mom to go “I like that one part…” but still heavy enough to snap necks. Guttural vocals, sick drumming, and the best death metal guitar tone and riffs you’ll hear for a while. Tasteful breakdowns and Epic Oud moments (look it up). No djent or sampled drums, just ten great songs that amalgamate everything the band loves about heavy music.

Featuring soul-crushing artwork by Bahrull Marta of Abomination Imagery.”

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